How to relax fast: Relax in one minute

How To Relax Fast: Relax In One Minute

Today I will share with you a tip from the field of stress management. How to relax fast with a special, simple breathing technique in one minute.

When do I Use It?

I use this technique several times a day and I really like it. It’s simple, effective and you don’t want to stop practicing as soon as you feel how relaxed and relieved you are (and sometimes getting “High” by the amount of oxygen I put into my brain)

So the breathing technique  how to relax fast is called “Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa” or “Five Five Five”

Where can you practice it?

What is special about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere. On the road, before a stressful meeting, just at home watching Netflix and more …

Of course, the more we practice it in a quieter place, the more effective it will be. It is like this with all breathing exercises and meditations. But again … it’s not always necessary and possible.

How you practice this relaxation method?

First 5 Seconds – Take a deep breath through your nose (the lower abdomen swells). Breathe in as much as possible and in the breath count up to 5 quietly.

Second 5 Seconds – Hold the air in the stomach and continue to count the 5 seconds quietly

Third 5 Seconds – Exhale all air. Just about everything. Empty the stomach. And keep counting for another 5 seconds as you exhale.

It’s basically one cycle/round. Total 15 seconds. Do this 4 times. Total minute. The more you do it – say close to 5 minutes you will feel more and more relaxed. I try to do 5 minutes at a time to get deeper. But sometimes even a minute does the work to ground and reset my-self.

Science Behind?

1. Once, deep breathing is practiced, we stimulate the vagus nerve (the vagus nerve passes down the body and connects to many organs: the outer ear, vocal cords, heart, lungs, spleen, liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen, colon, pericardium and gallbladder. Many important activities such as: pulse, digestion, sweating and skeletal muscle, about 80% of the information that passes through the vagus nerve is from the body to the brain, which means that the body reports to the brain about its condition, and therefore, stimulation of the vagus nerve encourages the nervous system to go into rest and digestion state Balanced consciousness and emotion. It is so important to our mental state that it is called the “compassionate nerve” because of its effect on a state of consciousness that allows empathy, understanding and emotional containment.)

2. As soon as we count the seconds in a breath … we practice a kind of meditation that we are actually thinking of only one thing. As the mind can only think of one thought at any given moment. Either positive or negative. So when we think positive thought we don’t think a negative thought and so even if it is a few minutes we still control our thoughts and prevent negative thoughts from appearing and stressing us

3. We put more oxygen into the body and brain. More oxygen means more blood that reaches the brain and body and helps us regenerate and restore our bodies

4. We regulate our breathing and control the state where our breaths go unregulated. Once we control something we feel more relaxed immediately


The “hamsa” technique is simple to perform. It helps us to聽 relax fast and can be practiced anywhere.

5 seconds – deep breath through the nose

5 seconds – holding the air

5 seconds – Exhale the air quickly

Last Words...

Of course, it is always better to deal with a situation that puts us under stress … but sometimes it takes time and it is not possible at a moment, so the “Hamsa” technique helps us to stay in balance, conserve energy and continue to function as we deal with our root problems.

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