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Are you tired of Terrible physical energy, Difilcuty losing weight, not being healthy, worrying about how you look like and your outfit, having no energy to play with your kids, low self-confidence, not being happy, and joint pain that preventing you being happy, looking and feel sexy full of energy?

I Will Help You

dani banai first Israeli functional medicine health coach

To Lose Weight Easily

I will help to develop healthy lifestyle routine and find the root causes so you will lose weight easily and efficiently

To Boost Your Immune System NATURALLY

I will help you to reduce the things that damage your immune system and help you to build healthy lifestyle habits to boost your Immune System through the principles of Functional Medicine

TO boost your energy Levels

I will help you to wake up every day 100% energy charged to conquer your day. You will learn how simple daily things can boost your energy levels to levels your never experience before

Let's Find Out Fast How Healthy You Are!

Filling out the MSQ questionnaire will help you gain insights about your health today. The Health Questionnaire was written by the Institute of Functional Medicine and is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. You will get a quick picture of your health and whether you should further investigate. The questionnaire is free.

After completing the questionnaire, make a free consultation call with me to further investigate your result and actions steps you can do to lose weight, boost immune system and boost energy levels

Before you seek healing for someone, ask him if he is willing to give up on the things that made him sick


Projects I Initiated

Dani Banai - Beating Chronic Diseases

Beating Chronic Diseases

A unique project where I interview people from all over the world who have recovered from chronic illnesses, Boost their immune system and lose weight easily and efficiently with the help of functional medicine methodologies and a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the project is to inspire and hope for people all over the world through the establishment of the world's largest online video library of recovery and losing weight stories.

Brainitor - Free online cognitive test


This project was developed for social and health purposes to promote awareness of brain health, raise awareness of the damage caused by smoking cannabis (use only for "Hight" purposes) and help millions of people around the world get a real-time indication of their cognitive activity. The system is accessible by computer and smartphone and in less than 8 minutes, you can get instant feedback on your cognitive functions and compare it to the rest of the world.

From My Blog...

בריאות מיטבית - לא רק תזונה וספורט - פוסט 1
Wellness - Not only sport and diet!

בריאות מיטבית – 1# מה זה להיות בריא?

בפוסט הזה אני אתמקד בלהסביר מה זה בעצם להיות בריא?   כאשר אנחנו מגיעים לרופא, אנחנו מגיעים רק שאנחנו לא מרגישים טוב (הופעה של סימפטומים מסוימים),

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Don't look back - always look ahead! Your past is dead. Your future is the only option available for you!



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