How to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time

How to Stop Feeling Tired All the Time Using Functional Medicine

Do you sometimes wonder why you feel extremely tired during the day though you had slept well the night before? Is it possible to treat it using Functional Medicine? Learn how to stop feeling tired all the time using functional medicine in this post.

Some people feel tired after being unable to sleep well the whole night. But, what if you feel tired all the time even though you have gotten enough sleep? If this occurs too frequently, maybe it’s time for you to find out why it happens.

How Long Should We Sleep?

Before we continue, let’s check if you have really gotten enough sleep. Just how long should we sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, younger adults (18-25) adults (26-64 y.o) require 7-9 hours to sleep daily. On the other hand, older adults’ sleep range is around 7-8hours and teenagers (14-17 y.o) need 8-10 hours. Sleeping too less or too much can only affect your bodies badly.

If you’re sure that you’ve gotten enough sleep, yet you still feel tired all the time, there might be problems.

What Might Make You Tired All the Time

People might have a different reason why they feel tired all the time even after they slept well. Here is some common reason why people feel tired:

1. Excessive day time sleepiness

People with excessive day time sleepiness will feel tired during the day no matter how long they sleep at night. They will find it hard to wake up in the morning and usually take frequent naps. Other symptoms which commonly found are irritability, difficulty concentrating, and change of appetite.

2. Too much stress

Stress can happen to anyone. It might happen due to some reason, such as getting stuck in a traffic jam, arguing with a coworker, etc.  Whether it lasts for a short or long period of time will depend on the person. However, too much stress can cause some disadvantages and one of them is fatigue. So if you feel tired all the time, you can check whether you are having too much stress.

3. Depression and/or anxiety

Depression and/or anxiety can make someone feel tired, no matter how long they’ve slept the night before. If you think that you need someone to help manage your depression/anxiety, you can talk to a therapist.

4. Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine

Some people drink alcohol in the hope that it will help them sleep better. Unfortunately, it will only leave you feeling tired during the day if you drink it too much. Drinking too much coffee can also make it difficult for you to sleep as it messes with adenosine production. It is important to limit alcohol or caffeine intake once you realize that they make you feel tired all day.

5. Dehydration

Our bodies are around 60% water. So, what might happen if you are not getting enough water is definitely not a good thing. Dehydration will not only cause headache, but it will also make you feel tired all the time.

6. Skipping breakfast

Food is the fuel our bodies need. Based on, the dinner we ate would be consumed by our bodies when we’re sleeping. As a result, it is necessary to eat breakfast in the morning to refuel. Skipping breakfast will leave you feeling tired and if you do it frequently, it will only get worse.

7. Spending too much time online

Nowadays, there are people who find it hard to spend a day without a gadget. Unfortunately, gadget such as phone might prevent you from having a deep sleep. As a result, you might have fatigued the next day.

8. Health issues

If you suffer from anaemia, diabetes, or another health issue, then it might also be the reason why you feel tired all the time.

Practical Ways to Elevate Your Energy Levels

It sucks to feel tired all the time. The good news is, there are still ways to help you boost your energy levels.

1. Exercise

Routine exercise can help you get rid of your fatigue day by day. It will also help your body release more endorphins which will make you feel better. People who exercise regularly usually get better sleep than those who don’t.

2. Eat the right foods

Some people crave for more food when they feel tired. However, it’s best to make sure that you get the right healthy food. According to, “eating foods with a low glycemic index – whose sugars are absorbed slowly- may help you avoid the lag in energy.”

3. Drink more water

As mentioned before, most of our body consists of water. Drinking more water will help you deal with fatigue.

4. Manage your stress

Stress can be the root cause of the fatigue you have. It means you need to learn how to manage your stress in order to feel better. Sharing your thoughts and how you feel to a friend or relative, or simply by meditation can help reduce stress.

How Functional Medicine Helps

There are ways to help you with fatigue, and one of them is through Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is an approach which focuses on the root causes of illness or health issues. It does not rely on drugs or surgery.

Whilst drugs might help you feel better, it mostly does not really get rid of the root cause. As a result, the fatigue might get back and you will still suffer. However, in Functional Medicine, practitioners believe that our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself using the correct approach.

Functional Medicine practitioners and health coaches understand that by getting rid of the cause of your fatigue can help you be free from it. They also understand the balance rule, in which your lifestyle, diet, and environment work as important roles in affecting your mental health.

They help people analyze the root cause of their fatigue and leave habits which might trigger fatigue. They work together with their patients to replace those bad habits with healthy ones and rebuild their lives. In the end, the patients will be able to reach their health goal. In this case, to reduce their fatigue naturally.


Fatigue can happen to anyone and sometimes people feel tired no matter how long they’ve slept. To manage it, we need to understand the root cause. However, it is treatable and one of the ways is through Functional Medicine approach.

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