Multiple Sclerosis Natural Treatment | Krista Wade & Dani Banai | Beating Chronic Diseases Podcast

How To Heal From Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

Have you been trying to fight Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease? Is there any way to cure it? Can Functional Medicine help? Learn how to beat Multiple Sclerosis(MS) naturally

Suffering from MS sometimes enough to make someone feel down and even lose hope. How about experiencing more for 7 years since you 17 years old? It must be difficult.

Krista Wade has proved that she is able to beat Multiple Sclerosis naturally. She is able to do it after following Functional Medicine principles.

How She Did It

Through one of our Beating Chronic Disease episodes, Krista explained how exactly she gains a healthy life back and healed naturally from Multiple Sclerosis using Functional Medicine.

You will also learn about:
– Multiple Sclerosis natural treatment
Minding your mitochondria by Dr Terry Wahls
– Paleo Diet

This interview is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

About Krista Wade, Functional Medicine Health Coach

I’m a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. A wife, and a mom of 2 and I help others heal their mind and heal their body.
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than fifteen years ago and healed with functional medicine principles. For the past eight years, I have made it my mission to heal, learn, encourage, and educate others on how to do the same.

Do you want to get in touch with Krista?

Website: kristawade.com
Instagram: @kristawadefmhc
Facebook: @KristaWadeFMHC
Twitter: @kristawadefmhc

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  1. This was so informative! I can’t wait to listen to the podcast. She is so inspiring.

    1. Yes! I completely agree with you :).

  2. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, and I was 40. They put me on Rebif which I took until 2008 and was switched to Copaxone. I had two relapses on Rebif, none on Copaxone. I noticed my balance getting worse, and my memory, as well as muscle spasms. I’m 54 now, In Febuary this year my neurologist referred me to Mayaka Herbal Clinic, i immediately started on their natural organic MS Herbal treatment. I had a total decline in all symptoms including the balance, fatigue, muscle spasms, Pain, excessive urination and others. Visit Mayaka Herbal Clinic web page ww w. mayakaherbalclinic. c om. The MS treatment totally reversed my Multiple Sclerosis condition and most amazingly i can go about my daily activities!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You are so brave!

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