How to heal IBS, Fibromyalgia Or Hashimoto Naturally | With Melanie Marie

How To Heal From IBS, Fibromyalgia Or Hashimoto Naturally

Have you been trying to fight IBSHashimoto or Fibromyalgia? Is there any way to cure it? Can Functional Medicine help? Learn how to beat  multiple Autoimmune diseases naturally

Suffering from one Autoimmune disease is sometimes enough to make someone feel down and even lose hope. How about experiencing 3 different autoimmune diseases at the same time? It must be difficult.

Melanie Maria has proved that she is able to beat IBS, Hashimoto or Fibromyalgia naturally. She was able to do it after following Functional Medicine principles.

How She Did It

Through one of our Beating Chronic Disease episodes, Melanie explained how exactly she gains her healthy life back and healed naturally from Multiple autoimmune diseases(IBS, Hashimoto or Fibromyalgia) using Functional Medicine.

You will also learn about:

  • IBS, Fibromyalgia & Hashimoto natural treatment 
  • IBS, Fibromyalgia & Hashimoto symptoms
  • The power of a positive thinking 
  • Functional medicine
  • How to fix your gut!

This interview is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

About Melanie MariaFunctional Medicine and Board Certified Health Coach

Melanie Functional Medicine and Board Certified Health Coach who has used food and lifestyle change to transform her personal health and that of her clients.

She loves helping her clients discover that better health is possible through simple, sustainable, small changes. 

She believes everyone is worthy of wellness and is blessed to be able to help you get there in a way that works for you.

Melanie Maria | Beating Chronic Diseases

Do you want to get in touch with Melanie?

Website: https://redbridgewellness.com/services/
Facebook: @RedBridgeWellness
flourishmembership: flourishmembership
flourishmembership facebook group: @flourishmembership

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