Chronic Nerve Pain Natural Treatment | With Ericka French

How To Heal From Chronic Nerve Pain Naturally

Have you been trying to fight Chronic Nerve Pain? Is there any way to cure it? Can Functional Medicine help? Learn how to beat  Chronic Nerve Pain?

Suffering from one Chronic Nerve Pain is sometimes enough to make someone feel down and even lose hope. How about experiencing it for 7 years? It must be difficult.

Ericka French has proved that she is able to beat Chronic Nerve Pain and autoimmune issues. She was able to do it after following Functional Medicine principles.

How She Did It

Through one of our Beating Chronic Disease episodes, Ericka explained how exactly she gains her healthy life back and healed naturally Chronic Nerve Pain and Autoimmune issues using Functional Medicine.

You will also learn about:

– Chronic Nerve Pain natural treatment
– Chronic Nerve Pain symptoms
– The power of a positive thinking
– Functional medicine
– Autoimmune diseases natural treatment
– Autoimmune diseases symptoms
– Neuropathic Pain Management

This interview is also available on Spotify and iTunes.

About Ericka FrenchFunctional Medicine Health Coach

I’m not your typical health and wellness coach . . .

Because of my health issues, I’ve spent the last seven years of learning how to heal my body from chronic, debilitating nerve pain. Because of all I’ve experienced, I’ve come to know that healing is possible on every level. It just takes knowing how to do it. 

I believe you have the power to heal your life, your heart, your mind, and your body. You just have to know where to start.  Through my experience, I’ve learned the tools that will help you create change in every aspect.   

I’m here to guide you, provide you the tools to grow and progress, and cheer you on to success. 

I know that when we our have a strong conviction of our why, and a vision of our outcome, we make it happen.

No. Matter. What,

Ericka French | Chronic Nerve Pain Natural Treatment

Do you want to get in touch with Ericka?

Website: https://erickafrench.com
Facebook: @heal.2.live
Instagram: @heal.2.live

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