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How To Beat LIME Disease Symptoms

Have you been trying to fight LIME disease? Is there any way to cure them? Can Functional Medicine help? Learn how to beat LIME disease symptoms

Suffering from one disease is sometimes enough to make someone feel down and even lose hope. How about experiencing more than one? It must be difficult.

Nicole Krinick (One of the Wana co-founder) has proved that she is able to beat LIME disease and toxin mold exposure. She is able to do it after following Functional Medicine approach.

How She Did It

Through one of our Beating Chronic Disease episodes, Nicole explained how exactly she gains a healthy life back using Functional Medicine.

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This interview is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

About Nicole Krinick , Co-Founder/Head Visionary

Wana (We Are Not Alone) Co-Founder, Nicole Krinick, has been entrepreneurial with a creative flair from a young age. These skills, along with her drive to make a difference, paved the way to co-creating the digital application designed to connect individuals with chronic and invisible conditions. 

Wana is an accessible community that provides hope, direction and healing so individuals alike can navigate their health journeys together in a positive way. 

Nicole understands firsthand the discouraging feeling of uncertainty and loneliness stemming from mysterious symptoms and a series of misdiagnoses. Her invisible illness was the inspiration behind Wana and together with fellow co-founder, Evan Golub, developed the community-driven platform where people can share their experiences with one another and have a resource for clarity, guidance and support – something she didn’t have. 

She is passionate about giving people the resources and community that weren’t available to her, Nicole has pivoted from a career in real estate to function as the Head Visionary at Wana. Since launching the app, Nicole’s primary goal is to make a positive impact on others and through Wana, ensure that no one with a chronic or invisible condition is left feeling alone or helpless.

Do you want to get in touch with Nicole?

Website: joinwana.com
Instagram: @joinwana
Facebook: Wana

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