How Environmental Toxins Influence Our Health

How Environmental Toxins Influence Our Health

Do you realize that there are some things around us which can affect our health badly? Learn how environmental toxins influence our health in this post.

Most of us understand that some diseases are caused by wrong diets and bad lifestyle. Surprisingly, there are things around us which actually can affect our health negatively. Those are known as environmental toxins and they are even able to lead to chronic diseases and other health issues.

According to a study shown by, hazardous substances which are found in air, water, and the workplace can cause serious threats to health.

Some environmental toxins exist naturally such as mercury, benzene, and radon. However, some of them are human-made such as BPA, phthalates, and pesticides. All of them are harmful to our health and can disturb our sensitive biological systems.

What Environmental Toxins Can Do To You

But what exactly environmental toxins can do to you? How would they affect you? Here are a few things about what they can do to your body:

1. Cancer

Like it or not, natural compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, and radon can actually cause cancer. According to, there is “evidence that  benzene cause acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.”

2. Developmental problems

Natural elements such as mercury can easily be found in air, water, and soil. As reported by the World Health Organization, exposure to mercury is able to lead to serious health issues. It can cause certain developmental problems to babies in the womb and even during their early age. The development of their and nervous system may be affected. As a result, their memory, language, attention, and other cognitive function might not work normally,

3. Organ failures

Besides developmental problems, environmental toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead also can cause organ failures. For example, lead poisoning can actually harm your kidneys. It does not show the effect immediately, but in most cases, it shows after 5 to 30 years.

4. Endocrine disruptors

Human-made substances such as BPA, phthalates and pesticides may disturb your endocrine system. Surprisingly, these are usually found in some products such as detergents, toys, cosmetic and even plastic bottles.

Pregnant ladies and those who are breastfeeding should be more cautious as they’re more likely to get affected by them. They can disturb the baby’s development. Other issues such as infertility, early onset of puberty, and even breast cancer might occur due to frequent exposure.

How to Reduce Exposure to Environmental Toxins

After knowing about environmental toxins, now it’s time to learn about what can we do to avoid them or at least, to reduce exposure. Here are few things you can do:

  • Try to minimize or even avoid the use of plastic containers, and canned foods
  • Make sure you use only PVC-free containers
  • Wash properly all fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking them to get rid of pesticides
  • If you can, grow your own food
  • Try to eat more fresh or frozen foods
  • Stop smoking (if you do)
  • Make sure that your baby’s bottles BPA free or use glass bottles
  • Buy only BPA-free and phthalate-free toys for your kids
  • Avoid beauty products which contain phthalate
  • Choose non-scented detergents for your laundry
  • Check the quality of your water regularly if you use a well
  • Make sure you get adequate ventilation at home
  • Keep plants at your home

How to Boost Your Energy Level

As mentioned before, bad diets, lifestyle, and environmental toxins around you might affect your health. Maybe you are not experiencing any of chronic diseases yet, or maybe you are. However, if you feel tired all the time no matter how much sleep you’ve got, then maybe it’s time to  change.

By change I mean, perhaps you can start with following the tips on how to reduce exposure to environmental toxins. Or, maybe you can start by changing your lifestyle bit by bit.

However, if you’ve felt fatigued all the time  here are some tips for you to boost your energy:

  • Start exercising regularly
  • Make sure you eat only healthy foods
  • Stay hydrated
  • Learn how to manage your stress

How Functional Medicine Health Coach Helps

Changing a habit is not always easy for some people and sometimes, they need someone to work together with them. This is where the role of a health coach is needed.

A functional medicine health coach will work with you to make sure that you reach your health goals. Aside from being a health coach, they’ll apply functional medicine approach to make sure you’ll get your healthy life successfully.

But, how? Functional medicine health coaches apply the balance rules after trying to help you find the root cause of your problem. They don’t depend on drugs, hormones, or surgery but they focus on how to help you based on what you truly need. They decide what you need to do or get, based on the root cause of your health issue.

With functional medicine, not only do you get healed naturally, but your problem would not return. It is because you’ve already gotten rid of the root cause and build a new, different lifestyle.


Things such as bad diets, lifestyle and environmental toxins can affect our health. Environmental toxins can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer, developmental problems, endocrine disruptors and even organ failures. Reducing exposure to them will help you prevent serious health issues.

Need Help?

If you think you need a health coach or more information, you can always reach out to me. Hit the “Talk to me” button and fill the form. It would be my pleasure to help you.

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