Why It Is Important to Test Your Cognition and How to Test It

Why It Is Important to Test Your Cognition and How to Do It

Do you feel that your brain does not really work properly these days? Is it quite difficult for you to focus on something or process information? Are you sometimes forgetful? Does it feel like you do not have enough energy to face the day? In this post, we'll learn more about cognitive function and why it is important to test your cognition.

If you experience those symptoms, then it is time to take a cognitive function test to monitor your brain’s performance.

What is cognitive function test? Why do we need to do that?

Before we continue, we need to understand what cognitive function is, its problem and causes, and how to improve it.

What is cognitive function?

Basically, our cognition is divided into several functions which include executive function. It is the one which controls our ability to memorize things, pay attention, process information, solve problems, and make decisions. A good cognitive performance allows you to function normally.

So, if you have poor memory, attention span, and it is hard for you to process information, then it might be a sign that there is a problem with your cognitive function, especially if this has happened for a long time.

What can cause cognitive function problems?

If you find any problem with your cognitive function, then it is always good to know the root cause of it. In general, there are several causes of problems in cognitive functions, such as:


Disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are believed to happen because of genetic causes. However, it is also believed that it is not only because of genetic factors, but it can be due to the person’s behaviour such as the food they eat and their lifestyle. It means, if one of your family members has Alzheimer’s, it does not always mean that you will also get it as long as you understand how to maintain your diet and lifestyle.


Some diseases such as meningitis, Parkinson’s, and even AIDS can also lead the sufferer to develop cognitive dysfunction.

Head Injury

Why It Is Important to Test Your Cognition - head injury

Head injuries can lead to cognitive dysfunction and cause someone to suffer from amnesia or dementia as it can affect the part of their brain.  


You are what you eat. If you take care of your diet well, you actually help your brain to keep on function normally. However, if you do not eat properly, you might develop a cognitive disorder such as poor memory, difficulty concentrating, and if you have severe malnutrition, you might also suffer from delirium.


Your lifestyle might also affect your cognitive function. For example, if you are a long-term cannabis user who uses it regularly (not for a medical purpose, but for social purpose), you might develop brain fog, a collection of symptoms such as mental confusion, poor memory, short attention span, and more. Other factors such as stress, alcohol, smoking habit, lack of exercise and sleep can also lead to cognitive issues.

The importance of cognitive function test

Your brain is one of the most important parts of the body. There are more than 100 billion nerve cells your brain has and it controls how other organs in your body act. Without it, you will not be able to function. It controls your senses, thoughts, information process, movement, memory and learning process.  This is why it is important to test your cognition and check your brain health.

A cognitive function test will allow you to know if there are any signs of cognitive problems or disorders so that you will be able to decide your next steps to prevent it from getting worse. If you experience any symptoms of cognitive problems, then it might be the right time for you to take a cognitive function test.

Why It Is Important to Test Your Cognition - brain fog

Everyone can take the test regardless of age or health condition. Some people want to take the test because they have a chronic health condition or have a family history of neurological conditions.  Some want to take the test because they previously had head injuries. However, there are also people who just want to check their brain health to take early prevention.

However, it is important to note that a cognitive function test does not act as a doctor. It will only give you the general ideas related to the symptoms which someone with a cognitive problem/disorder experience in general. In the end, you will still have to consult your doctor before you decide that you want to take treatment.

Free Online Cognitive Test

Thanks to the advanced technology available today, everyone can actually take a cognitive function test to monitor their cognitive function by themselves. One of them is by taking a free online cognitive test such as Brainitor.

Why It Is Important to Test Your Cognition - brainitor

It was designed to allow users to monitor their cognitive performance easily from any device for free. You can do it from home, at work, café, or any other places. Using Brainitor, you can choose whether you want to take a 2-minute or 8-minute test, and the result will appear immediately. You can always take the test whenever you want to see how your cognitive function is. The results will also be saved, so you can compare your results and see if there is any progress. You also can compare your results with your friends or other people around the world who have taken the test.

Brainitor is completely free and easy to use. Click here to start the free online cognitive test or to learn more about the test.

There are also other free cognitive function tests available such as Mettl Cognitive Abilities Assessment, IDR Labs cognitive function test, and Food for The Brain Cognitive Function Test.


Poor cognitive performance will make you unable to function normally. Some factors such as genes, diseases, head injuries, malnutrition, and lifestyle can affect your cognition. Taking a cognitive function test is important to help you monitor your cognitive performance and brain health. By monitoring your cognitive function, you can prevent cognitive disorders.

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