What Is A Recovery Coach?

מה זה מאמן בריאות ושיקום? מה הוא/היא עושים? והאם אתה זקוק לו?

Naturally, humans are social beings. It means, there would be some points where we would need each other, especially during the toughest times.

In this case, for example, people who are trying to beat addiction usually need others to support them. That is why rehabilitation centers and support groups exist. Sometimes, they need to see other people who go through similar problem and can understand them.

מאמן בריאות ושיקום הוא אחד ואפילו הדרך המובילה מבין הדרכים שיכולים לעזור לאנשים שנמצאים בתהליכי גמילה להתאושש.


מה עושה מאמן בריאות ושיקום

People who are struggling to recover from an addiction might need a recovery coach who can lead and guide them. They won't only help them quit their addiction, but also to help build a new lifestyle and move on. A coach understands the needs of his clients and will do their best to help.

A coach will provide a safe place for you to express your opinion and ideas without fear of being judged. Their purpose is to help you achieve your goals successfully.

מתוך הרבה דברים שמאמן בריאות ושיקום יכול לעשות, הינה כמה דוגמאות:

  • Be around when you need support. People who are quitting addiction usually need someone else for supports. During times like this, the recovery coach will be there to provide it. Although you need them at 12 am, for example, he will be available for you. They can even be available for you 24/7.
  • Help you stay sober. For some people, they might want to quit but they do not really understand what they should do. Some people who try to quit by themselves, sometimes find themselves fail and get back to the old habit. A coach will provide plans to make sure you will stay sober and won't get back to the addiction. This could mean by providing strategies, or even random drug testing.
  • Provide required resources. As a client, you might need the resources to move forward. Your coach will be there to help provide what you need.
  • Work with you in achieving your goals. Your coach will have the responsibility in helping you setting and achieving the goals in life. They won't do the work for you. However, they will guide you until you realize the goals you want to achieve and help until you achieve them.

מה מאמן בריאות ושיקום לא עושה

We just learned about a few examples of what your health coach might do to help you. They might also help you in other important aspects of your life. For example, how to reconcile with your loved ones after quitting the addiction, how to continue working, and so on.

However, it does not mean that your recovery coach can do literally everything. It's best to understand that there are few things they can't do such as:

  • Diagnose addiction. A recovery coach is not entitled to diagnose addiction. It should be done only by doctors or therapist. People who go to a recovery coach comes after getting diagnosed.
  • Treat your addiction. A recovery coach is there to walk together with you until you reach your health goals. However, they are not there to treat your addiction.
  • Determine your future. Whether or not you can successfully quit addiction is not up to your coach. All decisions are made based on what you choose. They are there to guide you until you realize what you need to decide and what's best for you. They're also there to support and motivate you whenever you start relapsing or losing hopes. Your coach will make sure you are on the right track.

Why You Need a Coach

אתם יודעים הכי טוב אם אתם צריך לעבוד יחד עם מאמן או לא. אבל, כמה מכם עשויים לתהות מה הסימנים שאתם צריכים לעבוד עם מאמן בריאות ושיקום.

כדי לענות על השאלה הזאת, הנה כמה מהסימנים שאולי אתם צריכים מאמן בריאות ושיקום:

  • You have been through different rehab or counseling/support group, yet you still find yourself struggling with the same issue.
  • Sometimes you can stay sober, but sometimes you get back to the addiction.
  • There are too much tempting triggers around you and you’ve started feeling overwhelmed.
  • Your environment does not seem to support your decision to recover and you need someone to support you completely.
  • You want to recover but you just find it too hard to do it by yourself.
  • The thoughts of using it again will help you with your stress, anxiety, and depression start kicking in.
  • You don’t know what to do, or you know how but you find it difficult to do it by yourself.

For conclusion

 It is important to understand that even though a coach can do many things to help you. In the end, the decision of whether you will be able to quit and move on is in your hands. They also are not there to replace your doctor or therapist. They are there to help you and walk together with you so your healing journey will be better.

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