Beating Metabolic syndrome naturally

How to Heal Naturally From Depression, Hypertension, & Obesity

Have you been trying to fight depression, hypertension, and/or obesity? Is there any way to cure them? Can Functional Medicine help? Learn how to heal naturally from depression, hypertension and obesity with Theresa.

Suffering from one disease is sometimes enough to make someone feel down and even lose hope. How about experiencing more than one? It must be difficult.

Theresa Lohman has proved that she is able to beat depression, hypertension, obesity and metabolic syndrome. She is able to do it after following Functional Medicine approach.

Theresa's Healing Journey

Theresa Lohman comes from a family with a genetic background of high blood pressure. From about 1995, her blood pressure started creeping up so she started taking medication. She also slowly began to suffer from obesity.

At the same time, she started having depression and anxiety which, according to her, was passed on from her mother. All of these began when she finished her graduate degree and started delivering babies.

As If her health issues were not enough, more stressful things also started happening in her life. She lost a job and soon needed to move to a new area. It was difficult for her to find jobs in a new place, especially with her health issues. She could not get enough sleep, and all these things made her situation worse.

Daily, she felt tired, anxious, depressed, and less confident to look at herself. Her self-confidence just got worse whenever she looked at herself in the mirror. She tried different medications, treatments and supplements, yet she still found herself stuck with the same issues.

How She Did It

Despite her situation, she still believed that her diseases are curable. All she needed to do was to find out what she can do to get better.

One day, she began to find out about Functional Medicine approach. Using this approach, her health started improving. She started to get enough sleep and her stress was decreased. Mark Hyman’s “Eat Fat Get Thin” and Bredeson’s “The End of Alzheimer” also helped her a lot during her healing journey.

She successfully balanced her blood pressure from 170/100 to 118/76. Her BMI also decreased from 340 to 27. In the end, she is able to heal naturally from her depression and metabolic syndrome.

Today, she has helped other people who suffer from similar issues as a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Theresa successfully beat the illnesses she had. This time, she wants to share her wonderful story to encourage those who might be suffering from the same diseases.

Through one of our Beating Chronic Disease episodes, Theresa explained how exactly she gains a healthy life back using Functional Medicine.

You will also learn about metabolic syndrome causes and natural treatment, how to lower BMI and hypertension naturally. You can also find out how to cure depression the way Theresa did.

This interview is also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

About Theresa

Theresa Lohman is a Board-Certified nurse coach and a certified functional medicine health coach. She has a doctorate in nursing practice and continuous practice at the family nurse practitioner. Theresa is also a certified clinical aromatherapist.

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