Let's find out easily how healthy you are!

Filling out the MSQ questionnaire will help you gain insights about your health status today. The health questionnaire was written by The Institute Of Functional Medicine And it is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. You will get a quick picture of your current health status and whether you should invest more in your health. The questionnaire is free. 

 - Instructions -

1. Please follow the questionnaire instructions (In the questionnaire page itself) and filled it HONESTLY. Eventually, it's your health and life we talking about!

2. You will receive a number result after completing the questionnaire

Dani Banai - Optimal Wellness - MSQ result

3. Check the numerical result and see where you are on the scale

Dani Banai - OPtimal Wellness - MSQ score analyze

4. Any result over 10 indicates that your body is not in is optimal state and you are in health risk. Steps must be taken to bring your body to a healthy balance to in order to function at your best and stop damaging your health!

 5. I'm here for you! 

When you receive the result you are welcome to schedule a FREE consultation call with me for a professional reviewing your questionnaire result!

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