beating type 2 diabetes naturally

Beating Type 2 Diabetes with Natural Treatment

Are you suffering from type 2 diabetes? Do you want to find out about type 2 diabetes natural treatment? Is it really possible to cure it? Beating type 2 diabetes is possible and soon, we are going to learn more about it.

We got a chance to interview an amazing woman who has successfully beat type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diseases, Doreen Skonier.

What she suffered from

Doreen is a native of Cleveland, Ohio who suffered from type 2 diabetes which later on developed into autoimmune diseases for 13 years. She recounted how she felt severe fatigue all the time even though she had tried to use insulin.

After years of suffering, she started to find out other ways to heal and she learned about functional medicine which later on made her realized that the root causes for her diseases were the foods she ate and her environment.

Then, she met a functional medicine nutritionist who helped her got more information about what certain foods can do to her body. After 6 months of working together, she could see some transformations. Afterwards, she worked together with a functional medicine doctor to find out other deficiencies she might have through some tests which took around 1 year.

Doreen was able to decrease her A1C level from above 11 to 4.6 and now, she lives happily without diabetes and autoimmune disease anymore. She also helps others who have type 2 diabetes as a certified functional medicine health coach.

When asked about what she wants to say to people who are in the same situation as she was, she said, “Do not give up hope and trying to find another way. If you are still sitting on the fence just keep researching and you’ll find more information.”

Beating type 2 diabetes naturally with Doreen

Do you want to know more about type 2 diabetes natural treatment? Learn more about how Doreen break free from type 2 diabetes and autoimmune diseases by watching our full interview of Beating Type 2 Diabetes Naturally. You will also learn about functional medicine, type 2 diabetes diet, the causes of type 2 diabetes, and how to lower your A12 level naturally.

Doreen Skonier shares how she heals from type 2 diabetes naturally.

Watch the full interview on our Youtube Channel or you can also listen to it on SoundCloud and iTunes.

About Doreen

Doreen Skonier is a functional medicine health coach who also has a bachelor’s degree from Kent State University.  She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She loves to play music on the side for an orchestra. However, she is passionate about is servicing others.

How to Contact Doreen

Facebook: @doreen.skonier.7

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