beating hormonal imbalance and hashimoto's disease

Beating Hormonal Imbalance and Hashimoto's Disease

Are you suffering from hormonal imbalance, Hashimoto's disease, or even both? Do you sometimes think about how would life feel like without all of these illnesses?  Does it feel like you almost lose hope in life? Beating hormonal imbalance and Hashimoto's disease is possible and we'll soon find out how Nancy Tolan did it.

Suffering from multiple diseases is surely not something that anybody wants to face. However, a lot of people suffer from one or even multiple diseases as they age. Most people would try their best to heal themselves by going through a lot of treatments. As the time goes by, some probably start to give up as they do not see any improvement, yet some of them still continue trying to find a way to cure their diseases, hoping that there would be one day when they would be able to enjoy a healthy life.

The good news is, some people who have tried to cure their diseases actually get what they have been fighting for, and one of them is the one I am going to introduce you to.

What she suffered from

She is a strong and amazing woman, Nancy Tolan. In one of our episodes, she shared her story about how she beat hormonal imbalance, Hashimoto's thyroiditis or also known as Hashimoto's disease, pre-diabetic, obesity and lack of vitamin D.

These multiple diseases attacked her body and at the end, she could not do her daily activities normally because of lack of energy. She recounted how dying she was and how hard it was for her to face the days. Nancy proves that beating hormonal imbalance and Hashimoto's disease is possible.

How she did it

However, she’s finally able to break free from those illnesses naturally. How did she make it? What did she actually do to recover?

Nancy Tolan shares her natural healing journey.

Watch the full episode of “Beating Hormonal Imbalance & Hashimoto Disease Naturally” on our Youtube Channel to learn more about it. You can also find it on SoundCloud and iTunes.

About Nancy

Nancy Tolan spent 30 years as a social worker, helping children and adults in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently enjoying her retirement while pursuing her interests and passion.

Do you want to get in touch with Nancy? You can email her here:

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