Fibromyalgia Treatment Naturally & Biohacking

How Melissa Talwar Beat Fibromyalgia Naturally

Are you or your loved one suffering from fibromyalgia? Or, are you struggling with other chronic diseases? Does the pain really suffocate you that it makes you feel so hopeless and do not want to live anymore? Soon, we will learn how Melissa Talwar beat fibromyalgia naturally using biohacking and functional medicine approach.

People who are experiencing chronic diseases usually have to go through a lot of pain. Not only do their bodies suffer, but their mental health also gets affected and it just makes their situation worse. In fact, some of them start having suicidal thoughts as they feel that the future seems to be dark.

If you or someone you know somehow can relate to the situation I just mentioned, then it is probably the right time for you to meet a wonderful person who knows exactly how it feels.

What she suffered from?

Melissa Talwar is a functional medicine health coach who recently got a chance to share her encouraging story in one of our episodes, “Beating Fibromyalgia Naturally & Biohacking”.

Melissa was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 14 years old. She recounted how she was suffering from so much pain that she could not study well or do daily activities normally as what other teenagers would do.

Through time, her situation became worse that she was wheelchair bound. As she unable to do many activities and the pain also tortured her, her mental health started to get affected. She became depressed, cynical, angry, and hopeless and the thoughts of not wanting to live anymore appeared in her mind multiple times. She also remembers how she felt when her doctor gave up on her.

One day, Melissa tried to do some research by herself and she started learning about biohacking and functional medicine. She then applied the knowledge she got in her daily life. Now, she has become stronger, happier, and better. She gains more confidence in her life, and start seeing a bright future.

Melissa is now a functional medicine health coach and patient advocate who have helped a lot of people gaining more hope in their lives. She is also the Executive Director and Coalition Co-Founder of International Support Fibromyalgia Network.

How she healed naturally

Do you want to learn more about her story and how she beats fibromyalgia with biohacking and functional medicine? Or, do you want to learn more about fibromyalgia symptoms?

Watch our full interview with Melissa Talwar and learn how to beat fibromyalgia naturally on our Youtube Channel. You can also listen to the interview on SoundCloud or iTunes.
Melissa Talwar shares her healing journey and how she deals with fibromyalgia naturally.

About Melissa

Melissa Talwar is a functional medicine health coach, biohacker, and patient advocate for fibromyalgia and chronic pain. With her team at the support fibromyalgia network, she organizes a comprehensive healthcare program and outreach for the fibromyalgia and chronic pain communities.

How to Reach Out to Melissa


Facebook: @melissanerdtrepreneur

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