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I’m Dani Banai and I’m a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

I specialize in building a healthy and productive lifestyle and getting rid of addictions (cannabis) through the use of the principles of functional medicine and positive psychology.

I currently coach clients all over the world. I’m designing a personal health plan for each client and make sure they making actions and getting results.

If you suffer from a chronic illness or want to quit cannabis or You want to achieve optimal health and a winning brain by building a healthy lifestyle that will help you deal with the illness and addiction. And you also want to be happy, full of energy and motivation for life. Get up every day healthy, with satisfaction and purpose in life, feel free to schedule a free consultation call with me! I will be happy to assist you!

Dani Banai Graduation certification from functional medicine coaching academy
Dani lecture - 2

One of my passions is to share my obsession for Optimal Wellness across organizations and private sectors around the world. It can be physical or via Zoom


This free call is designed to help me get to know you better and assist you with the struggles you’re having in your current lifestyle and health status!


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