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I’m Dani Banai – Business, IT & Wellness Consultant! And the owner of D.B.C.

D.B.C – Specialize In turning every complicated & unprofitable small business and person, into a Simple, Profitable, and successful machine! In less than 45 days! By using the Results-Driven Actions method, 

We currently working with clients from all over the world. 

Feel free to schedule a free consultation call with me! I will be happy to assist you! 


Don't look back - always look ahead! Your past is dead. Your future is the only option available for you!

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One of my passions is to share my obsession for Optimal Wellness across organizations and private sectors around the world. It can be physical or via Zoom


This free call is designed to help us get to know you better and assist you with the struggles you’re having to turn your complicated, unprofitable small business into a Simple, Profitable, and successful machine!


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